In the beginning, there was the gesture. Probably. We don’t really know how early hominids communicated. We theorize, based upon observational data from other primates, that it began with gestures and sounds. Eventually, we refined gross gestures and sounds into expressions and words. And, given the success of our species, we apparently have been pretty good at communicating.

Which eventually led to trying to understand what people say and do. So we then invented social scientists, who realized that there is a difference between what people say and what people do. That made things interesting, and so we come to today. And that’s why we have ad agencies, marketing executives and marketing research and strategy professionals, all trying to bridge the gap between what people say and what people do – and get them to do something that benefits our clients or our company or our country.

That is ultimately what this blog is about. Over the coming years, we at Firebox will talk with you about ways we have found to understand the gap between thought and action, how to bridge that gap and ultimately how to take people from a thought to a specific action.

So stick around. We’ll be right back.