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Firebox is a marketing research consultancy founded in 2002 by former advertising professionals frustrated by the lack of quality research available to agencies and marketers without seven–figure budgets. "Deeper and cheaper" became our mantra—ideas we believe to not be mutually exclusively of one another.

Based on the response of our clients, we have proven it possible by bringing together a small, but talented team of MBAs and account execs, brand strategists and former CMOs—individuals who have been in your shoes and understand exactly what you need to be successful (but who just happen to know how to run conjoint analysis).

Working in lockstep with marketing professionals on the agency and client side, we take the time to learn as much as we can from you before talking to your customer. In turn, we avoid getting up to speed on your dime and offering shallow insights that point to no real market opportunity.

Most importantly, we focus on what matters. No filler questions, no unnecessary focus groups, no hand-off of a presentation without a debrief on where we would focus your ad campaign or the next product feature you should introduce.

This business-minded approach is as powerful as it is logical. We call it mixing business with measure. You’ll call it a source of competitive advantage.

Consumers choose brands that share their values and vision, their perspective and personality. You’re no different. That’s why we’re happy to share a few of the things we believe here and even more, if you care to listen.

Real, not ideal. Quick turnarounds, tight budgets—they are a reality of business. Other research companies bristle at sample size less than 1,000, or drawing insight for a new business pitch from just a handful of interviews. At Firebox, we recognize that you need just enough information to be move ahead confidently–not publish your work in an academic journal.

More information isn't better. You and your customer require a concise and focused message for it to be memorable and break through the clutter. So does your boss. Rather than producing 100–page reports with tables for every question asked, we give you a board-friendly presentation that builds a research narrative and presents a case for action.

The most important questions that we ask aren’t in a survey. They are actually the ones we ask once we’re done with it. Things like "What’s next?" and "What do we do about it?"and "So what?" The past experience of our research consultants ensures that we have perspective on such issues, and we’ll work with you to ensure resulting initiatives are implemented effectively rather than delivering a report and walking away.

Research is a tool, not a solution. We believe most research practitioners are capable of crafting a competent survey or moderating a focus group. And the research process itself is easily learned, in fact. But fundamentally sound research remains a simple tool for producing consumer feedback – how that tool is wielded and what it’s capable of manufacturing is a craft learned only through decades of business and brand–building experience (something we have, by the way).

If you don’t agree, we’re happy to recommend several other research vendors that might better meet your needs.

Mixing business with measure is more than a tagline. It’s a business philosophy and hallmark of our differentiated approach to brand research.

  1. Discovery: Exploration leads to volumes of data. Now what?

    We examine your organization’s value proposition and place it within the context of existing knowledge. We analyze the market environment while conducting research into your client’s world to define both challenges and opportunities.

  2. Interpretation: We excavate what is relevant and astutely channel the analyzed information.

    Interpreting the findings, we integrate the results into a theory of brand or product relative to your client’s world and lifestyle. We reveal the underlying brand drivers while testing and proving out your brand hypothesis.

  3. Revelation: Our findings will provide effective detours in the event of branding roadblocks.

    Once analyzed, we help you build a road for brand success and inspire creativity with critical thinking. The goal – powerful marketing.

Most research companies start and finish with the second phase. We can only wonder why they charge fifty percent more and offer two-thirds less.